Long Term Care Partnership Insurance Course

ONLY $29

Includes all reporting fees to SBS, Inc.

This is the new, once in a lifetime 8 (eight) hour CE course required by the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and Illinois Insurance Regulation. This course is required in Illinois, if you are marketing any type of Long Term Care coverage.

Anyone Illinois producer marketing any type of Long Term Care policies in Illinois must take a certified Partnership LTC course (PLTC). This 8 CE hour requirement replaced the former 6 hour CE required course # 9400 in 2008. Please be advised that under the Partnership LTC program requirement:

  1. a producer must satisfy the once in a lifetime requirement of completing the 8 CE hour PLTC course and hold a Health licensing authority; and
  2. there is an additional 4 hour CE "PLTC refresher" course requirement that must be completed within every subsequent 24 month period.

Dohrn Insurance Training also offers the refresher course.

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Long Term Care Partnership Refresher Course

4 CE credit hours - $17 (Includes SBS, Inc. reporting fees)

This course has been certified by the Illinois Department of Insurance to meet the ongoing continuing education requirements to market Long Term Care Partnership and Long Term Care Traditional insurance policies in the state of Illinois.

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